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French Pocket Airway, Inc.
6123 Marquette Place, New Orleans, La. 70118
FAX: (504) 866-8507

LIFESTAT is an emergency airway device for use in respiratory obstruction or failure. This innovative new device facilitates a lifesaving method (cricothyrotomy) in emergencies when other efforts have failed. LIFESTAT is small and light enough to fit on your key ring, in your pocket, bag or emergency kit.

If an emergency airway device is not at hand or in your hand at the site of an emergency, it is of no value to you or the victim. LIFESTAT is designed to be accessible and easily used in lifethreatening emergencies.

LIFESTAT's simple configuration allows relative ease of insertion and operation, even when conditions are not optimal.

Contact: Dr. Ronald J. French of
New Orleans at or fax:(504) 866-8507.